I would like to rent Del’avant on a Saturday night but do not need the entire facility.  

We have recently updated our policy where you can rent the ballroom only on a Saturday night and no longer are required to rent the entire facility.  If you are looking for a smaller space on a Saturday night, we allow the rental of the rooftop or the parlor only if we are 60 days or less away from the event date.

I want to have my wedding ceremony at Del’avant but would like to have a rehearsal on a day other than my wedding.  Is that possible?

Due to the amount of events that we book at Del’avant, we can’t promise that you can have a rehearsal the day before your event. We no longer allow other couples to come in the day before if another event is booked.  If there is not an event scheduled the day before, you are welcome to come in for 1 hour and rehearse.  If there is another event scheduled, we can find another day the week before your wedding to rehearse if needed.  Please call 30 days before your wedding to check availability and we will work with you to schedule a rehearsal.

What is the common schedule of events for a wedding ceremony, cocktail hour (pre-reception), and reception at Del’avant?

The McLellan Parlor is the most common place for the wedding ceremony.  We take the 2,000 square foot room and transform it to resemble a chapel setting.  We can fit up to 280 chairs in the Parlor in rows with the altar area in the front.  The parking deck is connected to the back of the building which leads to the entrance of the building.  This entrance is equipped with a handicap accessible ramp. When the ceremony is over, the guests will move upstairs to the Rooftop Garden for a cocktail hour (or pre-reception) while the bride, groom and wedding party finish their pictures.  Our hostess can then assist the crowd to the Kress Ballroom for the start of the reception.  Many couples will have their DJ or Emcee announce the bride and groom into the reception where they will walk across the balcony, down the stairwell, and then begin the reception with their first dance.

Do I need to hire a wedding coordinator or is that included in the price?

Anna Knight, the event coordinator, will give you a tour of the venue, assist in selecting a wedding day, handle all paperwork and payments for the rental, coordinate the layout and set up of the venue, and assist with all of the details that you require for your event.  She will be your contact from day one until your wedding or reception begins.

The host will be at Del’avant during the wedding and the ceremony to assist with the building during your event.  He will arrive an hour before the start of your event, unlock the doors, put out signage and will stay until the end to lock the building.  He is there to make sure everything with the building runs smoothly.

Del’avant includes working with Anna throughout the engagement and the host in the price of the rental.  If you need a person to assist with the wedding rehearsal, ceremony and reception, you will need to hire a wedding planner or you can hire our Event Coordinator, Anna, to serve as the “Wedding Weekend” Planner.

Del’avant has just added a new optional service to the wedding package for an additional $1250.  For the additional fee, Anna will serve as the “Wedding Weekend” Coordinator.   Without the wedding coordinator, the bride and their family have the building for an hour for the wedding rehearsal and there isn’t a Del’avant staff member present.  It is the brides responsibility to have someone assist with ceremony.  On the wedding day, the host will arrive 1 hour before the start of the wedding but there isn’t Del’avant staff at the venue during the day.  The bride and family get a code to come in and out all day until the doors are unlocked 1 hour prior.  If you need the additional wedding coordinator services, Anna will be present for the wedding rehearsal and assist in telling everyone where to stand, when to walk down the aisle, etc.  She will contact all vendors and create a wedding day timeline on when vendors arrive, when bridal party arrives, when photography begins, etc.  She will assist during the reception for moving the crowd from room to room and the introduction of the bridal party and bride and groom.  She will also assist when it’s time to do the first dance, cut the cake, all the way to the departure of the married couple.  Since Del’avant opened 4 years ago, there has not been a wedding coordinator at the venue so it can be done without her or a wedding planner.  But by adding this additional service, it will take the responsibility off of the bride and family. For more information on this service, please talk to Anna.

“Anna Knight served as coordinator for my daughter Alice’s wedding at the Del’Evant this September.   She is a completely organized and extremely competent professional.

We met with Anna on several occasions, the last of which was about a month before the wedding when she met us with a list of questions, tasks, etc., and helped us keep focus on what was still to be done. Many of those tasks were for her, from arranging tables by number to making sure each table had the right number of chairs (there were different numbers) and contacting all our vendors to make sure they knew everything they needed to know, as well as many other details.  She understands the facility inside out, which was also extremely helpful in our planning.

The day of the wedding and the rehearsal the night before she was there for everything we needed.  Neither my daughter or I worried about anything from lighting candles to organizing guests. 

I am a violinist and I have played for many weddings.  Because of those experiences, I refused to have a coordinator for my older daughter’s wedding.  I am very glad I made a different decision for this wedding, as Anna made everything more pleasant and made everything run smoothly.

I recommend hiring Anna for your wedding enthusiastically” 

Celeste Myall, daughter was married on September 24, 2016



“Anna’s wedding coordination and planning services were outstanding! She was very oriented, and extremely hard-working. Anna was very professional as well. She was very nice and sweet to everyone. The day of the wedding she was there before 7 am to help make sure that everything was perfect for the wedding ceremony and the reception.  We had a wonderful wedding thanks to her. We encountered some last minute issues and she was able to make everything work smooth and perfect, for example I brought my own computer for my slide show and it was not compatible with the projector, she ran to Walmart and bought the cable that was needed just so that we could have our slideshow for the reception. Anna was just extremely wonderful! We will definitely use her services again In the future for our events.”

Brad and Damaris Harris, wed on November 8, 2015

I’ve selected a date! What is the next step?

Once the date is selected, you will receive a contract and an invoice for the 20% deposit.  Once the contract is signed and the deposit is paid, you will be added to our calendar.  You will meet with Anna, the event coordinator, 1 month prior to your event to discuss the layout and pay the balance.