I want to have a birthday party but don’t need to rent the building for the entire day.  Can I rent it for just a couple of hours?

We offer a short, private party package for bridal, baby showers and birthday parties.  The facility is only available for the short party price if it is less than 45 days away from the event, the event day is a Saturday or Sunday and it is still available.  You will get either the McLellan Parlor or the Rooftop Garden for a total of 3 hours, between the hours of 9am and 5pm for $250. The staff at Del’avant will set up your tables and your chairs and linens are available for an additional $10 per table.  If the kitchen is used for the event, it must be cleaned and trash must be removed when the event is over. If your event will be after 5 pm, you need more than 3 hours, or you wish to use the ballroom, you must pay the full day rental price.  If we have any other event going on at the venue over the weekend, we are unable to offer the short party package due to having the kitchen and bathrooms clean.  I am sorry but for 2016, the short party package is not available.  We have every weekend in the year booked and can’t rent for the $250, but that doesn’t mean that the building isn’t available! A room may still be available for the full price!! For example- we may have an event in the Ballroom on a Friday so by renting the building on either a Saturday or Sunday at the regular price, our cleaning staff is able to come and clean before the next event.  We are unable to hire them for the short party price.

Can I have rent the ballroom for the ‘short party’ price?

No, the ballroom is not part of the ‘short party’ rental.

What are the advantages of renting the entire day instead of just getting the ‘short party’ package?

The short party package is only available on Saturday or Sunday when the facility is still available 45 days before the event.  To guarantee a specific date, we recommend you rent the entire room as soon as you set the date of your event.  Although it is more expensive, you will have a Del’avant staff member at your event, you can have background music, you will have more time to prepare and set up for your event, and it may not feel as rushed.  You will also get the space from 8 a.m. until midnight.