What is included in the business meeting package?

Our Del’avant staff will set up the room to fit the need of your corporate event or meeting – whether it is with our round tables and chairs, rectangular tables in a horseshoe shape, or chairs in rows.  We have a projector, screen and laptop, free internet wi-fi and a podium with wireless microphones and lavaliere microphones.  You qualify for the business meeting price if the event is Monday-Friday and between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Our company has a chef that works in our cafeteria.  Can we use him for our meal?

Sure! You are welcome to use any caterer you would like! We also have a prep kitchen with an ice machine, warming oven, double refrigerator and freezer.  All we ask is that the caterers remove all trash from the event and clean the kitchen when they leave.  Our Del’avant staff will take care of cleaning up the rest.

Since you are located in downtown LaGrange, is there enough parking for our conference of 250 people?

Del’avant has a parking garage with 280 free parking places located behind the event center.  If the parking lot is full, there are 1000 other parking places located in the downtown area.

What is the non-profit rate?

We offer a half price rate for non-profit businesses when renting Del’avant on Sunday-Thursday.  We do not offer half price rates on the short party package or business meeting package.